About Us

PDI Individuals in Day Program

Pueblo Diversified Industries (PDI) is a Colorado Nonprofit Corporation and a strong community resource for people who have significant disabilities and other challenges. Our campus provides programs, compassionate and supportive staff and resources to meet the unique needs of people looking for a full, rich, engaging life that reflects who each person is as an individual.

The PDI experience starts with the person and the expressed interests and specific needs of that person. Individuals work with a team to decide what programs will ensure the individual’s happiness. Our focus is the positive impact we have on each person we work with. PDI strives to empower choices made by each individual and the life style they want while also working with them in ensuring their voices are heard. Customizing opportunities for each person by utilizing all our resources allows everyone the opportunity to optimize time spent with PDI.

Community is about people so it is important that individuals experience their community in ways that are meaningful. This may include employment. Employment choices vary and depend on what interests and motivate the person. We contract with local employers to increase choices available for vocational opportunities and employ compassionate and reliable staff to help make sure that no opportunity is unavailable.

PDI is a popular choice for many people because of the strong bonds of friendship, peer support and our hospitable and caring staff. PDI provides the resources to remove obstacles. We structure our programs to build opportunities from a rich variety of choices and options. Our focus is always to empower those with significant disabilities and other challenges to have the means to engage both their body and mind as they choose with no limitations. PDI is structured to always and only meet the requirements of the remarkable individuals we serve. The goal of our staff is to impact those we work with so that they may achieve independence, self-reliance and confidence in making choices.