Vision and Mission

Our Vision

At PDI we envision opportunity for all people with diverse abilities. PDI envisions a welcoming community where everyone is treated with dignity and engaged in meaningful life experiences with a network supporting their choices.

Our Mission

To create pathways of opportunity where people with diverse abilities thrive through informed choices, meaningful education and employment, premier residential services, and dynamic social experiences.

Vision Themes  

Thriving Individuals of Diverse Abilities   

Moving beyond simple tolerance of disability to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity and ability within each individual who has the unalienable right to make fully informed choices.   The choice to live in a stable, comfortable environment, to discover and learn skills and work in a safe, positive atmosphere and contribute to a community where there is freedom for recreation and social activities.  

Meaningful Life Experiences   

Every person will have opportunities to work and earn income, socialize, learn, and participate in recreation activities. Individuals freely utilize their own abilities to contribute to the community in meaningful ways. 

Supportive Network  

People with diverse abilities will be supported by a network of professionals, employers, friends, and loved ones. Individuals will feel comfortable turning to their network for encouragement, direction, and career support.  


Welcoming Community  

Colorado will be a fully accepting community, embracing people with diverse abilities.  Our business community readily welcomes individuals into their workforce.

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