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About Us

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Pueblo Diversified Industries (PDI) is a Colorado nonprofit corporation and a strong community resource for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities- those we refer to as “diversely-abled”.

Our campus provides programs and compassionate, trained staff and resources to meet each unique need of every individual we serve.  At PDI, we strive to be person-centered. That means we treat every person as a unique person who is capable of making choices to create the quality of life they want.

Each person works with a team, including support staff and peers chosen by the individual, to help decide what programs would be the best fit for them and would help accomplish their goals.

PDI strives to empower choices made by each person while ensuring they feel heard and respected. We provide customized opportunities for each person in order to maximize their time spent with us at PDI.

“When you are diversely-abled, your view of the community might look different, but that doesn’t mean your desire to be a part of it goes away.”

PDI gives each person meaningful ways to engage in their community, including employment. And just as we do everything else, we want to help each person engage in employment based on their interests and motivations. PDI contracts with local and national employers to increase choices available for vocational opportunities, and we utilize our compassionate and reliable staff to make sure these opportunities are not only available, but are safe for each person to engage in.

Residential Program

In PDI’s residential program, you (or your friend, family member, or patient) will stay in a barrier-free home. It is your home. You maintain keys. It is yours to live in and decorate as you choose. You plan meals, and they are cooked to both taste and dietary requirements. You will share your home with no more than two other people.

Each month, you create your own calendar of activities. Staff for each home are certified in CPR, First-Aid, and medication administration. Staff also assist you only as needed to ensure maximum self-sufficiency and independence.

Why choose PDI?

We know you have choices, and we celebrate them. PDI is a popular choice because of the strong bonds of friendship formed here, along with our outstanding peer support and caring staff.

We are in the business of removing obstacles and empowering every person to achieve self-sufficiency. Our programs are structured to build opportunities to learn, grow, and maintain those changes – and as always, based upon person-centered choices.

Our focus at PDI is to always empower the diversely-abled to engage and challenge their body and mind – as they choose.  Our goal is to walk alongside, encouraging and equipping, so each person achieves independence, self-reliance and confidence in making choices.

 “Dedicated  to  the definition,  measurement  and  improvement  of  personal  quality  of  Life.”