Dancing With The Pueblo Starz

PDI began hosting Dancing with the Pueblo Starz (DWPS) in 2022.  This is an electrifying evening of entertainment and philanthropy! This remarkable event serves as a fundraiser for Pueblo Diversified Industries’ and the varies Programs that PDI provides. Prepare to be dazzled as influential figures from the vibrant Pueblo community take to the dance floor, showcasing their moves in a thrilling dance competition.

Your attendance and support at Dancing with the Pueblo Starz will directly contribute to the advancement of PDI’s programs aimed at revolutionizing through innovative technologies and sustainable practices. By attending this extraordinary event, you’ll play a vital role in helping Pueblo Diversified Industries create a brighter and more sustainable future for our community. Get ready to witness captivating performances, cheer for your favorite couple, and immerse yourself in an evening of joy, all while making a meaningful impact. Mark your calendars and secure your tickets for Dancing with the Pueblo Starz. Together, let’s dance our way towards a brighter tomorrow!

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