PDI is a 501(c)3 Colorado Nonprofit Corporation serving people with significant disabilities through a variety of services. We manage on-site and off-site operations that include manufacturing, warehousing, order fulfillment, vending, custodial services, and grounds maintenance. These operations help support our mission and Human Services Programs. Our Human Services Programs include a variety of activities and support that are designed to help the individuals we serve meet and exceed their aspirations and requirements.

For more information contact info@pdipueblo.org, 719.564.0000.

Any individual with a documented disability can apply for services at PDI

For more information contact humanservices@pdipueblo.org, 719.564.0000.

Individuals who are enrolled in the Medicaid waiver program for Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities can be referred to PDI services through their Community Centered Board (“CCB”) or through the State of Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (“DVR”). For those individuals who are not enrolled in Medicaid waivers, PDI has a private pay based enrollment process.

For more information contact humanservices@pdipueblo.org, 719.564.0000.

Contact info@pdipueblo.org with your business name, contact name and inquiry. We will respond promptly.