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Human Services Program

PDI’s Human Services are focused on providing choices for adults with diverse abilities. Each individual chooses a group of supporters to help them in the process of developing a life plan for themselves, and PDI is part of that team. We work with each person and make sure they are served in ways that corresponds to their life goals.

People can choose various services that support their educational, recreational, vocational and home environment goals. These types of services are referred to as Day ProgramsVocational Programs, and Residential Programs.

Day Program

Daily choice of day program life enhancement participation allows for people to exercise their right to choose according to what each considers a meaningful experience for him or her. 

PDI Day Program – Social – Fine motor skills – Gross motor skills – Cognitive skills

Golden Opportunities – Provides for fellowship and various activities of daily living for persons at or near retirement age to maintain or improve physiological abilities.

Intensive Habilitation – Provides more 1:1 supports for persons with profound fragility.

Supported Community Connections

Supported Community Connections (SCC) offers small group activities that take place strictly in community settings. Activities are chosen by each person served and are based only on the person’s individual interests. Each person chooses the peers they wish to participate with, where they go, and how often they are participating in the program. Activities include outings such as bowling, visiting the zoo, going to the gym, fishing, going swimming, going to a community event (ie baseball games, CO State Fair, Rodeos), and many more.  We have even supported a couple in maintaining a weekly breakfast date. The goal of the SCC program is to provide the unique health and safety supports necessary for each person so that they can live a happy and meaningful life as part of their greater community.

Supported Living Services (SLS) focus on enhancing a person's independent living skills as well as quality of life. These services include:

Personal Care

Services which provide assistance to a person in their own home in order to meet their physical, maintenance and, supportive needs. This assistance may take the form of hands-on assistance (actually performing a task for the person) or cueing to prompt the participant to perform a task. The focus is maintaining good overall health. Services include assistance in managing doctor appointments, assistance with transportation to doctor appointments, medication management, medication administration, hygiene assistance, and other basic health and wellness needs.


Homemaker services are both basic and enhanced. Basic are general household supports that help to ensure that the person lives in safe and healthy environments so as to maintain as much independence as possible. Enhanced are for more significant situations where a higher level of support is needed. Services include cleaning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and other basic home needs.


Mentorship is focused on helping mentor a person through a variety of independent living skills. Services include supported money management, obtaining a driver’s license, learning about health and safety, social boundaries and, other topics around basic independent living skills.   


Respite care is providing supports while a caregiver receives a period of relief. PDI offers this service on an hourly basis. Respite can be provided in the home of the person as well as within the community. 


PDI offers a comprehensive Vocational program with professional skill-building in integrated settings that provide scaffolded soft skills training and job-specific training conducive to persons’ vocational interests. Just as in Day Program, Vocational activities take place at PDI and in the community. Comprehensive services provided include Prevocational training and Supported Employment. Pre-vocational training includes job exploration, trial work experiences, resume building, and job seeking skills. Supported Employment includes job coaching and on-the-job training, as well as supporting the person in workplace communications and other supports necessary for the person’s workplace success. All persons participating in Vocational training can choose to receive professional skill building training activities with PDI staff and PDIs community partners in a variety of workplace settings, including retail and grocery, hospitality, dining, manufacturing, creativity/maker, office skills and product maintenance and repair, and janitorial skills. PDI is also an authorized vendor for the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR).

The employment each person pursues is based on the person’s unique interests and what he or she may want from a job. As persons progress toward their personal employment goals, they are able to alter their types and levels of supported employment assistance. Some choose to work with mobile crews that are employed through PDI, while others pursue jobs independent of PDI where PDI staff provides them with job coaching at their place of employment.


Just as each person is unique, each person’s ideal living situation is unique. PDI Residential services offer Personal Care Alternative (PCA) homes and Host Homes (HH) that provide individualized supports for each resident, conducive to his or her desired residential pathway. 

For all Programs…

People are free to modify their Program(s) schedule/attendance/goal whenever they choose. Levels of support chosen by each person is what PDI provides. PDI staff are focused on safeguarding the highest level of independence for each and every person. 

PDI Also Offers a Variety of Clubs to Participants

PDI Clubs

PDI encourages all those receiving services to advocate for themselves.  In order to help encourage self-advocacy and personal choice and to provide supports thereof, PDI hosts four (4) clubs that everyone in services can participate in, if they choose.

Advocacy Club

The Advocacy Club is designed to assist persons who choose services at PDI to learn to advocate for themselves. 

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club was created to give persons an opportunity to learn more about the Spanish and Hispanic Culture. 

Aktion Club

The Aktion Club is a community service organization sponsored by Pueblo Kiwanis. The mission of Aktion Club is to provide adult citizens living with a disability an opportunity to develop initiative and leadership, to serve their community, to be integrated in their community, and to demonstrate the dignity and value of citizens living with disabilities.  The Aktion club gives back to the community by providing supports to others in meaningful ways. Such supports include financial and goods donations (orthodontia programs, animal shelters, public schools, homeless shelters, etc.) and volunteer hours to support organizations’ causes.

PDI Council

Peers on the PDI Council represent themselves and their peers as participants in PDI services and act as the voice for all participants.  They present the group’s ideas and thoughts to the management staff as well as help to plan many of the fun activities that are held throughout the year at PDI.