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Human Services

PDI is a community resource providing an environment where individuals are making informed choices and producing quality services and products for our business partners. The following is a quick summary of each of the programs we offer here at PDI:

  • Supported Community Connections: Offers small group activities that take place in community settings. Activities are chosen by each person served, and are based on the individual’s interest.
  • Supported Living Services:  These services are focused on enhancing a person’s independent living skills as well as quality of life. These include Personal Care, Homemaker, Mentorship, & Respite.
  • Vocational: These services are targeted towards professional skill building in integrated settings that provide soft skills and job specific training, conducive to the person’s interest. This empowers the individual to pursue self-sufficiency.
  • Residential: These services offer a unique, supported living environment, specific to each individual’s choices and needs. Residential is all about providing choices and improving quality of life, while providing a safe and secure environment to exercise that independence.
  • Host Home: A trusted, PDI-approved family hosts an individual and becomes a part of that family. The host home functions as a safe place for an individual to live independently, inside a family unit.
  • Day Services: A variety of services offering fine and gross motor dexterity, science, geography, technology, engineering, mathematics, art, social networking, cooking, and more! The choice of activities are driven by the requests of those participating and occur both in the community and at PDI.