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Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Collaborating To Find & Sustain Long-term Employment

PDI is a vendor for the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. As a vendor, PDI:

  • Assesses individual skill levels of each person, including those with significant disabilities
  • Collaborates with each person to create a competitive community employment trajectory that meets their personal goals
  • Provides training and supports to complement their unique strengths, abilities, and interests

We support each person's ongoing employment through an interdisciplinary team, consisting of the individual, trained support staff, and peers chosen by the individual. These can include friends, family members, and members of the community-whomever they choose!
Our goal is to support workplace independence and allow each person the opportunity for a positive employment experience.

Their professional work goals are independently chosen by participants, and PDI serves as a support they may choose to utilize in reaching these goals.

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