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Golden Opportunities

PDI is a community resource providing an environment where individuals are making informed choices and producing quality services and products for our business partners.

Individuals working together

The leisurely pace of our Golden Opportunities program is perfect for individuals who want to maintain their skills and have the added enjoyment of time spent with their friends and peers.

Individuals engage with small groups where each person participates in their chosen daily activities, including playing a musical instrument, art, gardening, cooking, socializing, exercising and gym activities, or even dancing.

These important group activities build friendships, sharpen social skills, and provide valuable outlets for personal connection. As a result of these activities, cognitive, fine and gross motor skills are also maintained. 

As always, these activities and choices are person-centered, customized by the individuals and then facilitated by PDI staff to accommodate each person’s capabilities and preferences.

Persons who want to engage in these or other activities through our day programs can do so at their request or through their goal-setting process with their interdisciplinary team. Activities for this and other programs are chosen by each individual, based on their interests, goals, and program requirements.