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Intensive Habilitation

Persons who require higher levels of personal care and assistance but still want to be part of a larger group can participate in PDI’s Intensive Habilitation Program (IH).  While many people are more familiar with the term rehabilitation, habilitation refers to the process aimed at helping individuals with diverse abilities attain, keep and improve skills many of us take for granted. 

Individuals work with their support team to decide personal goals and then have appropriate care and support from PDI staff to be both safe and happy as they achieve them.  

While intensive habilitation is focused on group activities, individuals are able to participate in any activities they choose. Each person, with help from their support team and PDI staff, determine a schedule and make decisions about what activities they want in their day

In IH, participants have safe and secure access to everything from art and games to physical activities to cooking classes. PDI has built a unique environment where every individual can thrive.

There are many skills and abilities we take for granted because we learned them before we can remember. Each of these skills and abilities are addressed through our intensive habilitation services.