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Day Program is available online as of April 12th.
PDI is committed to mitigating the spread of COVID and is providing virtual services.

PDI Day Program

Persons who want to work with their peers on cognitive skills, gross motor dexterity or fine motor capabilities can choose to participate in PDI's Day Program classes. Favorite activities chosen by participants have included cooking, gardening, social networking, reading, art and exercise.

In the PDI Day program, each person will work with their support team and peers, alongside their trained direct support professional, to set an annual goal which guides their progress. The aim of each goal is to help each person achieve their ideal quality of life, through person-centered choices and empowering self-sufficiency.

All day program classes are designed so that each individual has not only complete personal care,
but also the safety and support they need to focus on achieving their goals.

Driven by personal choice, to achieve personal best quality of life.