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Residential Services

Laying the Foundation for Independent Living

PDI knows from experience many individuals we serve wish to live in the community. While independence is beneficial for mental health, it can also be challenging due to the need for routine support.

So how do we assist our residents in continuing to enjoy their independence, safely?

Our residential services are designed to afford maximum independence, protected and supported by quality care.

Our residential program offers an opportunity for individuals to live in a very small group setting -a home in a residential neighborhood. And when we say small, we mean it, with the amount of residents limited to three per home. Residents are encouraged to customize their home to reflect their personalities in a setting that maximizes independence, privacy, and a healthy lifestyle with support staff available around the clock.

PDI has also developed a network of Host Homes providing individuals the opportunities to be a part of another caring family. Each individual takes up residence with their Host family and enjoys their help and support, while being able to live actively within the community.

These various living arrangements are determined through a collaborative process with the individual and support staff working together to build a lifestyle to suit each person's preferences and medical or safety requirements.

Residents together at the kitchen