Human Services Programs

PDI’s Human Services programs are focused on providing choices for adults with significant disabilities. Each individual chooses a group of supporters to help them in the process of developing of a life plan for themselves, and PDI aims to be part of that team. When individuals choose to participate in PDI’s services, we become those teammates. We work with each person and make sure they are impacted by PDI in ways that correspond to their life goals.

People can choose various services that support their educational, recreational, vocational and home environment goals. These types of services are referred to as Day Programs, Vocational Programs, and Residential Programs. (See links below for more details)

PDI is proud to partner with individuals as part of their team in ensuring each person’s preferred life experiences are reached. We have a variety of services that are ever-changing to match the individualized goals of each person who chooses to have us as part of their team.