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PDI manufactures specialized items for the military. Items include Flight Crew Checklists, C-17 checklists, sewing kits, key tabs, long format checklists, tool rolls, flexible rings, map cases and Equipment Log Books, to name a few. Specific NSN numbers may be found under product listings on this website or on the storefront links. PDI is a sole-source vendor.

For inventory and price lists, military purchasers should refer to the Products and Services page. For more information please contact Tom Drolshagen, COO, at 565-6710 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

NSNs (National Stock Numbers)

NSN 9905-00-245-7826
Tag, Key
NSN 7510-00-240-6012
Binder, Loose Leaf, 55 page, blue, Flight Crew Check List
NSN 7510-00-766-4269
Binder, Loose Leaf, 25 page, blue, Flight Crew Check List
NSN 7510-00-889-3494
Binder, 3-ring, Green, US Army Equipment Log Book
NSN 5140-00-516-5671
Roll, Toll and Accessories, Black
NSN 7510-01-537-1400
Replacement Pages, Flight Crew Check List Binder (to fit NSN's 4269, 6012)
NSN 7510-01-561-2752
Long Format Check Lists Binder, Hard Cover, Red
NSN 7510-01-561-2755
Long Format Check Lists Binder, Hard Cover, Blue
NSN 7510-01-560-3446
Long Format Replacement Pages (to fit NSN's 2752 and 2755)
NSN 8315-01-222-0680
Sewing Kit, Class 1 (Army) Style 1 (Male)
NSN 8315-01-222-0679
Sewing Kit, Class 1 (Army) Style 2 (Female)
NSN 8315-01-090-5823
Sewing Kit, Class 2 (Air Force)


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