Our Mission

PDI is a community resource providing an environment where individuals are making informed choices and producing quality services and products for our business partners.

Our Vision

PDI will be nationally recognized rehabilitation facility committed to developing the vocational potential of all persons with disabilities by providing quality services that help each person achieve their individual vocational potential.

Vocational Potential

PDI Will develop and implement job opportunities that meet the interests and aptitudes of the people we serve and empower people to achieve independence and self-sufficiency through work. Business, government and the non-profit sector will partner with PDI to establish a national model of cooperation. PDI will be recognized as a professional business providing quality products to government and industry produced by people who welcome the opportunity for productive work

Productive Work

PDI will offer a supportive and productive environment that provides jobs stability, vocational enrichment, career development, and competitive salaries and benefits for all employees. These opportunities will be possible through the revenue generated by successful, long term contracts that support PDI’s financial independence.

Our Values

  • We believe in the value and worth of every person.
  • We believe that work gives value and meaning to an individual’s life.
  • We believe that opportunity to work is life enhancing for people who have limitations of mind or body.
  • We believe that PDI fills a unique niche as a community resource to provide work and learning opportunity for people who are not competitively employable.
  • We believe that outcomes and results of services should coincide with the interests and goals of the persons served.
  • We believe that services to people should be delivered in response to individual needs.
  • We believe that business practices are to be of the highest ethical and legal standards.
  • We believe that quality is critical in both business and human service arenas.
  • We believe that customer satisfaction information should be obtained and should drive our decisions and actions.
  • We believe that continuous improvement is essential to thrive as an organization as we meet the needs of our human service and business customers.