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What We Do

At PDI, we create opportunities for independence through work for those with diverse abilities. Our expertise is the unique creativity we apply in matching the individual with work that meets their interests, implementing the use of any necessary adaptive equipment, job sharing, and partnerships within our community to ensure their success. We see the pride and joy on the faces that smile and say – “Yes, I can.”

Those with severe diverse abilities may need an additional hand-up in reaching their goals. PDI has a team that nurtures, supports, and guides the process, all driven by the individual. This team assists them in moving forward in life to their place of greatest comfort in work, home and recreation. We help our people leave limitations at the door through life-enhancing opportunities both in-house and within the community.

At PDI, our programs are specifically designed to provide a wide variety of choices and options, to engage both the body and mind. Because we are person-centered, we create the space for choice, ranging to serve younger individuals to those with more life experience; those who are independent to those who require more personalized care.

Each individual can choose from a wide array of activities and programming, include games and community outings, classes ranging from Spanish to cooking to computers, social skills activities, music and dancing lessons.

Our goal is to create pathways of opportunity where people with diverse abilities thrive through informed choices.