Each individual’s goals are unique: Some may want to earn a paycheck, while others want to learn general skills necessary to join the workforce. For a person whose goals are vocationally focused, he or she may choose to participate in PDI’s Pre-Vocational program that is especially designed for individuals who are focused on work.

Individuals in this unique program practice a variety of work skills while also earning wages for work completed. Each person decides what skills to learn and what work projects to participate in with full access to the adaptive equipment and supports that are always nearby at PDI. With over 50 years of experience, PDI has developed an expertise for making work provided here adaptive and available for all those who want to work.

Individuals in this program set an annual goal and are able to access PDI resources to meet that goal. The program is personalized by each person by means of choosing this goal, a schedule, and choosing what level of participation to engage in.