Residential Services

Residential Services

PDI knows from experience many individuals we serve wish to live in the community. While independence is beneficial for mental health, it can also be challenging due to the need for routine support.

So how do we assist people in continuing to enjoy their independence, safely?

Our residential services are designed to afford maximum independence, protected and supported by quality care.

PDI has developed a network of Host Homes providing people the opportunities to be a part of another caring family. Each person takes up residence with a helpful and supportive Host family that ensures active living within the community.

Host Home living arrangements are determined through a collaborative process with the individual and support staff working together to build a lifestyle to suit each person’s preferences and medical or safety requirements.

Consider Becoming a Host Provider

Host Home Providers offer specialized long term care in a family environment. They provide a crucial stability and consistent support for the growth of the person they care for, as well as personal growth for themselves as a caregiver.

Becoming a Host is not a “job” per-se, but an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.

Our providers tend to the individual’s personal care as well as transportation, medical administration, and monitoring. They encourage independence and help teach new life skills to improve quality of life. They also offer emotional support and encouragement through difficult times and challenges.

The roll of a Home Host Provider is crucial and carries a lot of responsibility, but it is also a very rewarding opportunity. If you feel this is something you are led to do, we encourage you to reach out to us and ask any additional questions you have, or you may download a Host Home application below.

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