Supported Living Services


Supported Living Services

Supported Living Services (SLS) cater to individuals who desire additional support within their homes, whether they live with their families or on their own. PDI’s trained staff offers a range of SLS options, including assistance with personal care, management of homemaker skills, guidance in money management, mentorship, and respite care as needed. Our providers attend to the individual’s personal care, provide transportation, manage medical needs and medication administration, and offer support in developing independence and acquiring new life skills. They also provide emotional encouragement and assistance during challenging times. Becoming a Family Caregiver  within the Supported Living Services is a significant and rewarding responsibility. If you feel called to explore this opportunity further, we encourage you to reach out to us for additional information and to address any questions you may have.

Our Services

Personal Care

These services are designed to provide assistance to a person in his or her own home to meet his or her physical, maintenance, and supportive needs. This may be hands-on assistance, or helping to provide cues for the person to complete a specific task.


These services are offered as both basic and enhanced, and provide general household supports that help ensure the person lives in a safe and healthy environment, while maximizing independence. Enhanced services are designed for more significant situations, where a higher level of support is needed. Services include cleaning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and other basic home needs.


This service is focused on mentoring a person through a variety of independent living skills, which include supported money management, obtaining a driver’s license, learning about health and safety, social boundaries and other topics around basic independent living skills.


This service is provided on an hourly basis, providing support while a caregiver receives a period of relief to avoid caregiver burnout. This respite can be provided in the home of the person or in the community.

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