Pre-Vocational Services

Pre-Vocational Program is Especially Designed For the Individual

The Pre-Vocational Program at PDI is designed to address the unique goals of each individual. For individuals whose focus is on vocational development, our scaffolded Pre-Vocational program provides tailored support aligned with their employment readiness and trajectory. Participants in this program engage in various work skills training and may have the opportunity to earn wages for their work. Pre-vocational services encompass teaching concepts such as following directions, task attention and completion, communication, decision making, and problem-solving. Safety, self-advocacy, and mobility training are also provided. By receiving intervention and training through Pre-Vocational services, common barriers to participation can be overcome. Transportation to and from Pre-Vocational services, as well as other supports identified in the individual’s care plan, may be included. PDI and its extensive resources are dedicated to assisting participants in achieving their annual goals. We ensure that adaptive equipment and necessary supports are readily available, allowing everyone who wishes to work to access suitable opportunities at PDI, leveraging our 50 years of experience in providing adaptive work environments.

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Collaborating To Find & Sustain Long-Term Employment

PDI is a vendor for the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. As a vendor, PDI:

  • Assesses individual skill levels of each person, including those with significant disabilities
  • Collaborates with each person to create a competitive community employment trajectory that meets their personal goals
  • Provides training and supports to complement their unique strengths, abilities, and interests

We support each person’s ongoing employment through an interdisciplinary team, consisting of the individual, trained support staff, and peers chosen by the individual. These can include friends, family members, and members of the community-whomever they choose!

Our goal is to support workplace independence and allow each person the opportunity for a positive employment experience.

Supported Employment

Persons whose goals are to work in the competitive labor market may opt to participate in PDI’s Supported Employment Program for additional employment support. This program offers assessing and identifying vocational interests and abilities, job placement and development, and job coaching.

  • The employment an individual pursues is based on his or her unique interests and what he or she may want from a job.
  • As individuals progress toward their goals, they are able to alter their types and levels of supported employment assistance as they gain confidence and experience.
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