Supported Employment

Individuals whose goals are to work in the competitive labor market may opt to participate in PDI’s Supported Employment Program to access additional employment support. The choices within this program include assistance in finding potential employment, work with within small crews for their employment, one-on-one job coaching, training on various job skills, and interview and application training.

The employment an individual pursues is based on their unique interests and what they may want from a job. They tell us what they want to pursue and PDI aids them towards their goals through the various available options of support they feel will be most helpful for them.

As individuals progress toward goals, they are able alter their types and levels of supported employment assistance. Some individuals choose to work with mobile crews that are employed through PDI while others pursue jobs independent of PDI where PDI staff provides them with job coaching at their place of employment.

Their professional work goals are independently chosen by them and PDI serves as a support they may choose to utilize in reaching these goals.