What We Do

What We Do

Pueblo Diversified Industries (PDI) is most frequently about creating jobs for people with disabilities. Our expertise is the creativity we employ to match the individual with the work that most interests the person through the use of adaptive equipment, job sharing, and partnerships with our community. We see the pride and joy on the faces that smile and say – “Yes, I can.”

Individuals with severe disabilities may need an additional hand-up in reaching their goals. PDI has a team of many hands that nurture, support, and guide a process, driven by the individual, assisting them in moving forward in life to their place of greatest comfort in work, home and recreation.

PDI is a special place. A place where a visually impaired person can learn to be a janitor, aperson with a hearing loss can work safely in a manufacturing environment and where anyone can experience the independence, pride and self worth of securing and maintaining a job. We are about people. People turning limitations into opportunities. People learning new skills and life skills. People experiencing the sheer joy of accomplishment.

Every day at Pueblo Diversified Industries (PDI) more than 300 people come to work in a wide variety of jobs. Most are challenged by some form of physical or mental limitation that must be overcome each day. At PDI we help our people leave limitations at the door by providing challenges, opportunities, income, enrichment and even excitement through work and life-enhancing opportunities both in-house and within the community.

Providing a “whole, balanced life” for an individual is not specifically a service but it is the product of all the work we do. In survey after survey and in every service beyond the work and pay checks, the most important role PDI plays for consumers is the social, educations, and recreational opportunities for people that are the human experience of “living a life”.

Programs are designed to provide wide variety of choices and options to engage both the body and the mind. Older individuals who are looking to slow the pace of life and engage in more recreational activities generally enjoy Golden Opportunities. People enjoy games, crafts, community outings, cooking classes, music, and dancing. Individuals with profound disabilities requiring more personalized care benefit from the sensory stimulation and slow pace of the Intensive Habilitation program. Other day program activities include Spanish classes, computer training, social skills activities, and arts and crafts. Our surveys tell us that while most people who come to PDI would like to work, they enjoy and benefit from the classes that are offered in addition.