Pueblo Diversified Industries (PDI)

is more than just a Colorado nonprofit corporation.

We are a warm and welcoming community resource, dedicated to supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. At PDI, we believe in fostering opportunities that promote independence, a sense of belonging, and personal value. Join us to discover a place where you can find opportunities and a supportive community that cares.  At PDI, you are family.

We create opportunities for independence through work for those with diverse abilities. 

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PDI In Our Community

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities are an integral part of our community, and it is important to recognize and appreciate all the unique abilities and contributions each person brings. PDI believes promoting awareness and education about disabilities breaks down barriers and changes misconceptions. This helps create a more inclusive society where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential.

Business Services & Products

You partner with PDI to create pathways of opportunity for those with diverse abilities when you buy our products or donate.  

Human Services Program

PDI is not just a community resource; it is a vibrant hub where individuals thrive, making informed choices while being valued members of the community. Here at PDI, we take pride in offering a diverse range of programs designed to empower individuals and foster personal growth.

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